Co - Funders

LTPCT has collaborated with like minded organizations to address holistic development in defined areas. Each partner brings their strength to contribute towards high impact interventions.

SAP Lab India

SAP India ensures a sustainable future for society, customers, and the company. By focusing on talent, technology, and capital on education and entrepreneurship, SAP strives to enact positive social change through economic growth, job creation, innovation, and community and digital education.

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L&T Technology Services

L&T Technology Services Limited (LTTS) fosters a culture of caring, trust and continuous learning while meeting the expectations of all stakeholders and society at large. As a responsible Corporate Citizen, the Company contributes towards inclusive growth by empowering communities and accelerating development.

Anchor Panasonic

Panasonic contributes for the improvement of the Community enabling them to live a better life which is more hygienic, healthy and economically sustaining. As a responsible Company, PANASONIC works towards protection and improvement of the environment where Communities thrive.