Comprehensive Community Development

As LTPCT’s interventions across the four verticals of Education, Skill Building, health and Water gained traction, the Trust sought to consolidate its work with rural tribal communities. LTPCT realized that by undertaking all interventions in one location to pursue comprehensive development, it could magnify the impact of

its work to the benefit of an entire community. The Trust has undertaken a pilot Comprehensive Community Development (CCD) program at Talasari, in the Palghar district of Northern Maharashtra.



The pilot project aims at implementing the Comprehensive Development Program to empower tribal communities. The Program strives towards building an evidence based, scalable and sustainable model in partnership with various stakeholders.


Promoting sustainable community livelihoods through Income & Food Security, Water & Sanitation, Good Health and Policy Advocacy.

Strategic Objectives

  • To contribute to economic empowerment of communities, through enhanced agribusiness investment strategies, women empowerment and advocacy.
  • To improve maternal and child health indicators by promoting healthy behavior and access to health care.
  • To improve social economic service delivery and sustainability in communities through good governance and accountability in the areas of WASH, Health and Sustainable Agriculture.
  • To contribute to reduction of unemployment in through provision of vocational skills to the youth.
  • To improve learning outcomes in schools.