Little drops of water make an ocean of difference Dolharpada village, Girgaon - Talasari

My name is Vaishali Ranjit Dhodi.I live with my husband in a joint family in Dolharpada village, Girgaon, Talasari. Our livelihood is mainly derived from farming.

Our main crop is paddy and that is entirely dependent on the monsoons. After the monsoon, we used to work as daily wage labourers to support the family.

In summer, we grow vegetables for our own consumption. However, we need to hire a diesel pump to source water from a nearby river as we do not have direct access to the river water. As diesel is expensive, we avoided using the pump, and fetched water manually from the river.

A few months ago, we met some members of the LTPCT, and explained our problems to them. After discussion with the community, the Trust decided to start a sustainable irrigation water project. Volunteers from the Premsagar Yuvak Samajik Sanstha (PYSS), helped us understand the project and its benefits.

The Trust provided us with a solar-powered water pump and we started digging to lay the pipelines. Once it was installed, the pump provided irrigation for over 17 acres of farmland.

All the beneficiary farmers formed the 'Samruddhi Shetkari Mandal', and opened a bank account to collect money based on water usage. This money would provide for the pump's maintenance.

The L&T Trust and PYSS provided us with vegetable seeds which we cultivated in the summer months. The harvest exceeded our needs, and we sold the surplus in nearby village markets. My family earned an extra Rs. 20,000/- that season. We also saved a lot of money as we did not have to buy diesel to run the pump.

Our biggest desire was for our son to attend an English medium school. Due to the extra income, our dream was realized.

He now learns computers and science among other subjects.

My family can look forward to a brighter and happier future thanks to the efforts of PYSS and the LTPCT.

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