Harnessing talent to build strong sportspersons Balak Mandir School, Girgaon - Talasari

My name is Regina Madhu Radya, I studied at Balak Mandir School located in Girgaon in the Talasari Block of Maharashtra. My father is a daily wage earner and my mother is a homemaker.

Through my school, my friends and I were introduced to a special sports excellence programme. This was offered to many students in other schools around our village by LTPCT and Magic Bus. I was one of the students from Balak Mandir School who was identified for my prowess in and passion for sports when I was in Std. 8.

My family finds it very hard to make ends meet. My sister gave up her education in order to work at the nearby factory to contribute to our household expenses. I join her during the school holidays, but I am continuing my education with a view to the future and because I enjoy the sports programme. My mother supports my passion and thinks that I am a very good sportsperson. Although I was an all- rounder who was good at running, long jump and other sports, I was especially talented in Kabaddi, as marked by Magic Bus team.

Since then I started focusing mainly on Kabaddi. I have participated in many local, district, regional and state level competitions through my school and through Palghar Kabaddi Association, including Test Kabaddi Tournament, Kumar-Kumari Group State Championships, Pune Mayor's Trophy, Men and Women's Group State Championship and many more. I have passed my SSC and am studying in HSC, but I am still closely associated with the Magic Bus team and participate as a volunteer in training other school girls.

The Kabaddi Association has also recognised my talent and I am offered training as a professional coach

After I complete my HSC studies. Many of the young girls who play kabaddi in Talasari look up to me as their role model. I cannot wait to start training them in sport. I am indebted to Magic Bus and LTPCT for exposing me to these different sports

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