The PLUS Factor in Dakshina's education Kavada Thakarpada - Talasari

Avoiding speaking up, hesitant to give her opinion, almost fearful of showing her notebook to anyone and choosing to be with herself– Dakshina, a 10-year old girl studying in Std 4 of Primary School Kavada Thakarpada exhibited all the debilitating behaviour patterns that restrain healthy learning experience. Being from a home with financial constraints and lacking a learning environment, Dakshina's case was not uncommon among households in Talasari district.

Pratham's 30-day Read India Plus Learning Camp enabled Dakshina to win the fight against reading, maths and social interaction. Her enthusiasm to answer or say something and connect words in games grew – as did her ability to track the family's expenditures.

Dakshina's learning experience has gone beyond just reading and solving sums

she has acquired a powerful drive to enjoy learning and expression.

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