The journey from curiosity to creativity Alamanda School - Visakhapatnam

My name is Anupama. I am currently studying in 10th standard at the Zilla Parishad Alamanda School, Visakhapatnam. My father is a barber, my mother is a housewife, and I have two siblings. I come from a poor family, but my dream is to become a doctor, treat people in my village and find cures for incurable diseases. I will then make those treatments available to everyone for free.

When my family was going through a tough financial situation, I was forced to stop going to school. My school teachers and the instructors from Science on Wheels programme persuaded my father to let me continue my education. However, I was bad at science and all my grades were falling. The Science on Wheels classes changed all this.

I was able to understand so many new concepts by watching and taking part in hands-on experiments

Listening to the instructors made the learning sessions interactive and fun. I also became more confident, started scoring high marks and even topped the school last year.


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