Creating a better life, one stitch at a time Aroha Multipurpose Society, Wadi - Nagpur

I'm a homemaker and my husband is a labourer; we have two children. As my husband doesn't earn very well; I have always wanted to contribute to the earnings of the house, but my young children needed my full attention.

I would often observe the women from my community going out together every day. I learned that they were visiting a vocational training centre that teaches tailoring and stitching. The centre is run by an NGO, Aroha, and is supported by the LTPCT. I joined the next batch, and was impressed with what I found out. The class was well equipped, and the fees were very nominal. I convinced my husband to let me join and learn tailoring.

I would drop my son to school every day and go for the tailoring classes. I was taught how to stitch 12 basic garments, and on the completion of my course I brought my mother's old sewing machine home and began to use it. At first, I made clothes for the family, then for community members, for free. Eventually, my work was appreciated, and that led to my getting paid work. Later on, I collaborated with a Ladies' tailor and started taking clothes orders from him.

Today, as a part-time tailor, I earn around ` 3000 – 3500 per month. As my children grow older, I will take on more work. Going to the tailoring centre has changed my life.

My husband respects me more, the financial situation at home has eased & I feel more independent and confident.

Thank you Aroha and LTPCT for helping me live a better life.


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