Providing direction to ambition Anil Naik Technical Training Centre, Kharel - Navsari

My name is Vilas Rathod. My family lives in Gandeva village, Navsari district. I come from a poor family. I lost my father when I was just 3 years old.

Although my mother was a farm labourer, she worked hard to send us to school. When I failed in my first attempt at SSC, I decided to stop studying and started working to contribute towards my siblings' studies. While searching for a job, I met my father's old friend Jagdishbhai. He advised me to join a vocational training course, as it could lead to employment opportunities.

I enrolled for the Agro-Mechanics course at Anil Naik Technical Training Centre, Kharel (Navsari) which was supported by LTPCT. I received a monthly stipend of Rs.1000, which helped reduce my mother's financial burden.

After three months’ training, I was sent to Dhruv Motors in Chikhli to gain some on-the-job training and then to John Deere Tractors, Pune, for advanced training in tractor servicing . I soon began working as a Junior Mechanic.

I am now a Senior Mechanic with Dhruv Motors, earning ` 11000 a month!

I am very grateful that I was given the right advice at the right time. I am thankful to Anil Naik Technical Training Centre for this initiative which gives support and creates employment opportunities for young people like me and helped me contribute to my family's well-being.

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