Building hostel blocks for a brighter tomorrow Sunil Kom School, Vasa - Talasari

My name is Rohit Pandurang Ghatad, I study in Std. 10 at the Sunil Kom Secondary School and stay in the school hostel in Talasari, Palghar District. My family, which includes my parents, two sisters and a brother live in a village, 44 kilometres away from the school. My father is a mason, and my mother, a homemaker.

Earlier, the hostel was in a very poor condition. We slept in the classrooms, as the hostel roof was dilapidated. We had to walk 2-3 kilometres to answer nature's call or have a bath, as the toilets and bathrooms were unusable. When it rains heavily, the electricity fails. All these factors affected our health and our ability to focus on our studies. This changed, when LTPCT built a comfortable, new hostel for us. It uses solar power for lighting, so we can study whenever we feel like. The hostel also has 20 computers and we have been taught how to use them. Now we can access information easily and this helps us with our studies too. My friends and I like staying over here and

even our school performance in the SSC Board has improved due to such conducive learning environment.

All of us at Sunil Kom Secondary School and Hostel would like to thank LTPCT for the new hostel. We will study hard and aim to achieve a 100% pass percentage in our school from this year onwards.