Care Mother Program Maternal and Child Health Care Initiative

Maternal and Child Health Care project is initiated at Talasari Block of Palghar district in Amgaon and Vasa PHCs covering about 20 Sub centres. The main aim of project is to improve existing health outcomes of maternal and child health care in the project area by supporting the ANMs with digitized Care-Mother technology. The technology empowers the ANMs to take up timely health intervention by conducting tests and taking up Medical Officer’s recommendations. The project started in the month of March 2018.

Palghar is one of the districts in Maharashtra located in close proximity to state capital Mumbai, wherein about 5000 children in the district suffer from SAM and MAM. (Shall we include this or not) There are several socio-economic and geographic reasons that challenges the households to avail quality services in maternal and child health and these factors contribute to maternity, morbidity and nutrition related mortality. Majority of the women are severely anaemic which is one of the key causes for maternal mortality and malnourished children. It is proven that 33% of maternal deaths can be avoided with provision of ANC (Ante Natal Care) services from early stage of pregnancy.

In this context, a project is designed to strengthen the skills of ANMs with technology so that the last mile reach is ensured. The project is decided to be executed in Amgaon and Vasa PHCs of Talasari block of Palgarh district. Amagaon and Vasa PHCs covering about 19 sub centers, Two Medical Officers, 20 Health Workers (ANMs) are the key stakeholders who disseminate the program at grass-root level and provide quality Ante Natal Care services to the women at ground level. The staff are closely monitored by the Taluka Health Officer (THO). All the ANMs have given a feedback that the usage of App and the kit is helping them to organize their work systematically and they were able to provide upgraded services to the pregnant women. It is also conveyed that the community is willing to take up these services and found this is useful especially when Health camps were organized.

To tackle with the issue of high risk Pregnancy factors that are closely associated with nutrition due to Anaemia, underweight, obstetric history or high BP etc. 1000 golden days - 1000 pregnant women

Way forward:

  • Strategy to be worked out on improving the number of ANC tests as per tracker/gestational age. Informal meeting planned with ANMs, local NGO J V Gokal and other stakeholders to improve interaction and understand challenges.
  • For early and effective intervention link identified high risk pregnant women to the nutrition schemes (Anganwadi) and closely monitoring the progress of the same. Discussion with government should be done on this.
  • Further engagement with community, NGO and ANM to avoid home deliveries or building mechanism for safe deliveries.
  • Rigorous monthly review meetings to be taken up with ANMs on progress of the program.
  • Defining Asha role and execute a strategy to link Asha with ANM as helping hand on ANC



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