The mobile solution to good healthcare Chhani Village - Vadodara

My name is Gangaben Kharadiya. I am 40 years old and work as a construction worker. I stay in Chhani in Vadodara district. Of late, I have been feeling slightly unwell, with an itchy and painful wound on my palm. I had heard of the LTPCT medical van that comes regularly to our area and carries out medical checks for the people of the village.

When I visited the health van, I found that I was underweight and undernourished. The doctors informed me that the wound on my hand was caused by a herpes infection due to low immunity. They prescribed the required medications and suggested a few lifestyle changes that I needed to make to help my recovery.

I visited the team again the following week.

I was relieved to learn that my condition had improved a great deal since the last visit.

The doctor has asked me to continue to visit the OPD, to follow up on my case and help prevent any future infections and ailments. I am ever so grateful to the Vadodara Municipal Corporation and LTPCT, without whom my speedy recovery would not have been possible.


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