Monitoring & Evaluation Checklist for Health Van

In order to achieve effective functioning and also to review /modify the programme based on the experience, regular monitoring will be done by LTPCT through back-end data from P3 Platform, field review and telephonic audit as required . Focus of audit is on the following :

  • Record maintenance by NGO Partner/ Van Team appointed by CHC.
  • Periodic review of efficacy and effectiveness by CHC team

Indicators for monitoring and evaluation will be on the following parameters :

  • No. of camps held
  • Regularity of camps
  • Patient attendance
  • Referrals
  • Antenatal and postnatal checkups if any
  • TB, leprosy cases detected if any .
  • Improvement in access to services as per evaluation by local team – stakeholders
  • Community feedback
  • Training of staff
  • Review of data / Planning of camp activities
  • P3 usage

Financial Audit

  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Petrol Expenses checking through GPS - P3
  • Medicine cost - Random Checks
  • Operating cost review
  • Process followed for payment clearance
  • Reconciliation medicine stock and distribution


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